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GTA Toronto Restaurants with Brunch cuisine

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#RestaurantsCitiesCuisinesReviewsFood Rating
1Verveine Restaurant Toronto Brunch, Diner 4

23's Company East York Brunch, Cafe 1
3Daybreak Toronto Brunch, Casual 7
4Le Petit Dejeuner Toronto Brunch, Cafe 7
5Kensington Kitchen Toronto Brunch, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian 3
6The Senator Toronto Breakfast, Brunch, Diner 2
7Saving Grace Toronto Brunch, Cafe 2
8The Rosebud Toronto Bistro, Brunch 10
9Pain Perdu Toronto Bakeries and Pastries, Brunch 2
10Cantine Bar & Grill Toronto Bar and Grill, Brunch 2
11Peartree Restaurant Toronto Brunch, Eclectic 1
12Morning Glory Cafe Toronto Brunch 5
13Toba Toronto Brunch, Fusion 4
14Hair of The Dog Restaurant Toronto Brunch, Pub Fare 7
15Bonjour Brioche Toronto Brunch, Cafe, French 7
16Toast on Queen Toronto Brunch, Cafe 1
17Swan Restaurant Toronto Bistro, Brunch 5
18Good Bite Toronto Breakfast, Brunch 1
19Chapter 11 Toronto Breakfast, Brunch 1
20Studio Cafe (Four Seasons Hotel) Toronto Brunch, Cafe 2
21Hope St. Cafe Toronto Barbecue, Brunch, Burgers, Canadian 3
22Czehoski Toronto Brunch, Fusion 13
23Wish Restaurant Toronto Brunch, Eclectic 4
24Irish Embassy Pub & Grill Toronto Brunch, Irish, Pub Fare 10
25Barrio Lounge Toronto Brunch, Tapas, Lounge 4
26HotHouse Cafe Toronto Brunch, Burgers, Italian, Pizza 19
27Mitzi's Sister Toronto Brunch, Pub Fare 9
28Grapefruit Moon Toronto Brunch, Contemporary, Vegetarian 5
29Eggstasy Toronto Brunch 0
30Brownstone Bistro Toronto Bistro, Brunch 0
31Brad's Takeout and Eatery Toronto Brunch 0

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