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GTA Toronto Restaurants with Breakfast cuisine

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#RestaurantsCitiesCuisinesReviewsFood Rating
1Pomegranate Toronto Breakfast, Fusion, Italian 2

2ARIS PLACE Toronto Breakfast 1
3Tulip The Toronto Breakfast, Steakhouse 19
4Fressen Toronto Breakfast, Vegetarian 24
5The Senator Toronto Breakfast, Brunch, Diner 2
6Le Royal Meridien King Edward Toronto Breakfast, Contemporary 2
7Meggie's Toronto, Toronto Breakfast 1
8Stem Open Kitchen Toronto Breakfast, Burgers, Cafe 2
9Mildred Pierce Restaurant Toronto Breakfast, Casual, Mediterranean, Seafood 15
10Brassaii Toronto Breakfast, Fusion 27
11Xacutti Toronto Breakfast, Fusion, Indian 6
12Easy Breakfast Toronto Breakfast 3
13Aunties and Uncles Toronto Breakfast 5
14Over Easy Breakfast Restaurant Toronto Breakfast 4
15The Bus Terminal Family Restaurant Toronto Breakfast 6
16The George Street Diner Toronto Breakfast, Diner 5
17Noon Restaurant Toronto Breakfast, Sandwiches 6
18Good Bite Toronto Breakfast, Brunch 1
19Chapter 11 Toronto Breakfast, Brunch 1
20Plaza Flamingo Toronto Breakfast, Latin American 1
21Mel's Montreal Delicatessen Toronto Breakfast, Canadian 1
22Teddy's Restaurant & Deli Oshawa Breakfast 1
23Patrician Grill Toronto Breakfast, Burgers, Cafe 14
24Cora's Breakfast and Lunch Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton Breakfast, Canadian, French 50
25Cora's Breakfast & Lunch Toronto Breakfast 0
26Freshwood Grill Toronto Breakfast, Casual 6
27Beaver Cafe Toronto Breakfast, Cafe 4
28Sunset Grill Restaurant Toronto Breakfast 3
29Fire on the East Side Restaurant & Bar Toronto Breakfast, Cajun, Eclectic, Fusion 13
30Dundas Street Grille Etobicoke Breakfast 3
31Cocoberry Cafe Toronto Breakfast, Cafe 5
32Golden Flame Restaurant Richmond Hill Barbecue, Breakfast, Burgers, Greek 2
33Eggspectation Toronto Breakfast, Canadian 19
34Golden Griddle Family Restaurants Etobicoke Breakfast 0
35The Village Restaurant Toronto Breakfast 0
36Boom Breakfast & Co Toronto Breakfast 0
37The Purple Onion Steakhouse and Grill Toronto Breakfast 0
38Three Coins Open Kitchen Restaurant Richmond Hill Breakfast 0
39Jim's Restaurant Toronto Breakfast 0
40Red Cabin Restaurant Etobicoke Breakfast 0
41Sunset Grill Richmond Hill Breakfast 0

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