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GTA Toronto Restaurants with Barbecue cuisine

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#RestaurantsCitiesCuisinesReviewsFood Rating
1Kom Jug Yuen Restaurant Toronto Barbecue, Chinese 11

2Jawny Bakers East York Barbecue, Burgers, Canadian 18
3Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar Toronto Barbecue, Canadian, Portuguese 19
4Camp 31 Paris Barbecue, Southern 7
5Sam Woo Seafood Restaurant Scarborough, Scarborough Barbecue, Chinese, Seafood 1
6Doori Korean Bbq Restaurant Mississauga Barbecue, Korean 1
7Memphis BBQ Woodbridge Barbecue 6
8Haugen's Chicken Barbeque Port Perry Barbecue 1
9Asteria Souvlaki Place Toronto Barbecue, Greek 7
10RD's Ribs Toronto Barbecue, Southern 3
11Red Violin Brazilian Steakhouse Toronto Barbecue, Brazilian, Steakhouse 23
12Phil's Original BBQ Toronto Barbecue 24
13Churrasco Villa Toronto Barbecue 10
14Hope St. Cafe Toronto Barbecue, Brunch, Burgers, Canadian 3
15Martins BBQ Brampton Barbecue, Portuguese 3
16Armadillo Texas Grill Toronto Barbecue, Mexican 17
17King's Noodle House Toronto Barbecue, Chinese 5
18Jakes Boathouse Brampton Barbecue 3
19Purple Pig Famous Smokehouse Toronto Barbecue 2
20Dipamo's Barbecue Toronto Barbecue 15
21Golden Flame Restaurant Richmond Hill Barbecue, Breakfast, Burgers, Greek 2
22Cuiscene Toronto Barbecue, Italian 0
23Patris Restaurant Toronto Barbecue 1
24Mike Love's Barbeque & Smokehouse Barrie Barbecue 0

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